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These Shallow Graves by Jennifer Donnelly


4 out of 5 newspapers: newspaper-clipart-newspaper-clipart-07.jpgnewspaper-clipart-newspaper-clipart-07.jpgnewspaper-clipart-newspaper-clipart-07.jpgnewspaper-clipart-newspaper-clipart-07.jpg

Let me just start off this review by saying that historical fiction is not normally my thing. The girls in this genre seem simple, helpless and tend to rely way to heavily on their male counterpart. Not to mention all. the. crying. and fainting. and ‘having a spell’…

Anyway, while this book tended to have some of those things, I actually really enjoyed it. I found the story very compelling and I enjoyed the MC and her tenacity. This definitely wasn’t your typical historical fiction and I really enjoyed that about it! I mean what other girl in a book set in the 1870’s would go dig up a corpse and then brag about it?

Even though I predicted who the “bad guy” and the “murderer” was from the very first moment that character was introduced in the story, I still really enjoyed going along with Jo and Eddie on their journey to figure it out. The twist with Fay was unexpected though and really brought a bitter sweetness to the ending.

So if you’re like me and historical fiction isn’t usually your thing, I would still recommend giving this book a read! Its lengthy (100 chapters seems overwhelming) but reads super quickly and the story engages you enough that you turn pages so fast you don’t even notice how long it is.


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